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music paper - Concert Report#4 Jonathan Lee 4/11 th Last...

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Concert Report #4 Jonathan Lee 4/11 Last Saturday, on April 9 th , I attended the 151th annual spring concert for the Men’s Glee Club, which also featured The Friars . The concert, themed as the Cuba Send-Off, was conducted by Paul Radin. I was originally mistaken by the performance because I thought that it was simply another male acapella group, not the actual glee club for Michigan. Therefore, I came in with very low expectations, getting ready for another decently impressive, slightly humorous group of male singers that would have some classical and contemporary songs, along with some originals. Acapellas are very popular in college so I have been able to see many of them perform, like G- men. To be honest, I was never really that much of a fan of vocals simply because they are very limited in the sounds they are able to produce as opposed to a full orchestra or even a band. Yes, I am impressed when acapella groups are able to use their voice as means of percussion. However, there is no denying that a drum will always be more sufficiently used as a drum rather than voices. Personally, I am impressed by musicians like Bobby McFerrin, people that can creatively do things most people would not even think of doing, but I still consider actual instruments to be more musically pleasing to the ear. I got to the concert early and I was able to look through the concert report while I was waiting. I immediately got the sense that this concert was much more formal then I initially suspected. The entire third page was dedicated to making sure the audience knew to be courteous, yet it was written in such a way that they really made it seem like this glee club was a big deal. “During a recent test in the hall, a note played mezzo forte on the horn measured approximately 65 decibels of sound. A single ‘uncovered’ cough gave the same reading. A handkerchief placed over the mouth when coughing assists in obtaining a pianissimo.” I rolled my eyes in disbelief. I knew then that this concert was meant to be legitimate. The members of
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the chorus came in with perfect lines, two groups entering from either side of the stage. As the
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