Musicians - o Rejected romantic sentiment Schoenberg o...

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Musicians Schubert o master of the lied Schumann o Schubert was his role model o Piano works are his most important works, mostly “character pieces” Chopin o Lifelong taste for life in high society o He restricted his work to music for his instrument, the piano Berlioz o Fantastic symphony Verdi o The greatest of Italian opera composers o Never allowed the voice to be overshadowed by the orchestra Wagner o Wanted to get rid of the conventions of earlier opera o Sees arias as hopelessly artificial Brahms and Schumann o Return back to classicism o Brahms attempted to temper the new richness and variety of Romantic emotion with the traditional strength and poise of Classicism- wrote violin concertos Mahler o Music expressed an intense bittersweet nostalgia for Romanticism o Eagerly embraced all the excesses of Romanticism, even exaggerated everything Debussy o Used tone colors that avoided heavy sonorities o More subtle, mysterious shades of sound Stravinsky o Developed his own hard-edged avant-garde style
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Unformatted text preview: o Rejected romantic sentiment Schoenberg o Increased chromaticism and atonality o music met much hostility o found a new way to impose order over emancipated elements of music twelve-tone system: method of composing with the twelve tones solely in relation to one another serialism- systematization of the chromaticism developed by Romantic composers; ordered sequence of the twelve pitches Ives o Developed unique mystical notions of music o Actual sound of music counts less than the idea of music making as a basic human activity o All musical experiments have equal validity Ravel o Middle ground between romanticism and modernism o He wrote a piano concerto in tribute to jazz Bartok o Most successful at integrating folk music into classical music Copland o Americas leading composer o Influenced by Stravinsky o Adopted a nationalist agenda...
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Musicians - o Rejected romantic sentiment Schoenberg o...

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