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3rd essay - internal locus of control he likes females He...

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Internal Locus of Control: people believe they are responsible for what happens to them External Locus of Control: people believe their lives are controlled by luck, fate, or other people Sense of control Emotion focused coping (changing how you feel) Problem focused coping (changing the problem) Wrote living ad about oneself, promoting themselves Selma loses inhibition and is active in the plays, lost daughter and couldn’t laugh, but she learned how to laugh again and got new family in the old people New goal of being an actress, be in commercials, doesn’t expect anything, whatever happens happens Harold G. was an actor but is going to have surgery, isn’t married because “he was a bum” he never made enough money, pragmatic
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Unformatted text preview: internal locus of control , he likes females He takes ginseng for sex life That girl got married during WWII time because all her friends got married so she got married external locus The women were talking about their sex lives Harold k. lost wife and feels emotion, life gives hard blows, 50-60 years of marriage then gone, against nature Gloria enjoyed cuddling with his father, didn’t have good relationships…thought any real man would not touch her private parts • Constructive Coping Strategies: healthy efforts to deal with a stressful event making one more resilient to the stressor(s) – Problem focused: how to change the situation – Emotion focused: how to change perceptions/reactions to the situation...
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