3rd extra credit - 1. Early maturing females have greater...

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1. Early maturing females have greater chance of a. Depression, anxiety, and eating disorders b. Positive self-concepts c. Rapid maturation physically and emotionally d. No clear indications of unordinary growth 2. What are the differences between adolescent egocentricism and imaginary audience, and what is the relation between the two? Adolescent egocentricism is the way of thinking that the world is focused on only them whereas imaginary audience is the belief that everyone in the environment is concerned with their behavior and appearance. The adolescent Egocentricism is a more defined period of the imaginary audience belief. 3. In developmental theories a stage theories, progress is strongly related to a. Age b. Sex c. Height d. Weight 4. A child unable to solve a maze puzzle from finish the start is an example of a. Unstop ability b. Negligent ignorance c. Irreversibility d. Ego-centration 5. Which of Erik Erikson’s lifespan development is in the right order? a. Industry versus inferiority, intimacy versus isolation, trust versus mistrust b. Integrity versus despair, initiative versus guilt, generability versus self-absorption c. Autonomy
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3rd extra credit - 1. Early maturing females have greater...

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