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Jonathan Lee 736633822 Psychology 111 060 Assignment #2 Schreier Different personalities can determine how one behaves and how they deal with different kinds of stress and situations. An internal locus of control is when people believe that they are accountable for how their life ends up. An example of such in The Personals is Harold G. Harold is one of the widowers that meet together for acting classes as a means of coping with their similar stage of life. In the case of Harold G, he explained during his confession scene that he was never married because “he was a bum” and that he never made enough money. His internal
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Jonathan Lee 736633822 locus of control was very pragmatic; he really liked women but he believed he was not a good enough man and so he was responsible for being alone his whole life. An external locus of control is the opposite, where people believe their lives are controlled by an exterior force, whether it would be luck, fate, or other people. An example of some who had an external locus of control is Harold K. Harold K. lost his wife and felt very emotional. He spoke about life as if it had its own entity, that life gave him hard blows. Harold was married for 50 to 60 years and then life took her away. He spoke about nature controlling the death of his wife and never took any responsibility for it. He even blamed his unhappiness for the circumstances that he was placed in; he did not speak of situation as one that he put himself into. In the Hock article of “In Control and Glad of it”, we learn that a sense of control is extremely influential in a person’s everyday life. If one perceives that they have personal control over their situation, it will positively affect their health and overall well-being. (Hock 151) Conversely, when people are put into situations where we are given little power over what they can do, they will act inefficiently, with a great deal of anxiety and unhappiness. An example of a positive sense of personal control is one of the men that decided to take ginseng to help improve
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3rd paper for real - Jonathan Lee 736633822 Psychology 111...

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