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[Type text] [Type text] Jonathan Lee 73663822 Psychology 111 060 Assignment #2 Schreier
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[Type text] [Type text] Jonathan Lee 73663822 Educating Peter is a heartwarming documentary about the educational and social development of Peter Gwazdauskas , a special needs third-grader with Down syndrome that is put into a classroom with “regular” students and without a shadow or aid. Throughout this film we are able to see the difficulties for both Peter and the students and teacher in the growing pains of trying to incorporate Peter in an environment that most people would consider too accelerated for his mental capacities. Also, it was quite interesting to observe the dynamic of everyone in the class in relation to Peter, knowing that Peter has mental disadvantages. Self-fulfilling prophecies could occur where because of one’s expectations, such projections will actually more likely occur. In the case of the teacher and Peter, because the teacher knows that Peter has Down syndrome and can’t keep up with the other students, it is more likely that Peter will not be able to keep up academically because her limited expectations will inhibit his learning. One example where the self-fulfilling prophecy inhibited Peter’s academic development in his third grade classroom was during the teacher “confession” when she admitted that actually teaching Peter was not really a priority, rather, being able to teach him proper social skills was the most important thing. (Educating Peter, 1992) Even though this sort of an attitude seems justifiable and even very reasonable, one could see that Peter lagged behind in being able to learn how to do
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peter paper - [Type text[Type text Jonathan Lee 73663822...

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