Peter paper - EDUCATING PETER peter couldnt do the pledge always yelling other kid interviews say theyre scared of him teacher was scared knew it

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EDUCATING PETER peter couldn’t do the pledge, always yelling other kid interviews say they’re scared of him teacher was scared, knew it was a challenge, said it was a bit exciting other students are containing peter peter can’t pay attention peter pushes kids in the bathroom, kicking them in third week, peter is licking people, he was unpredictable teacher and students work together in trying to figure out how to deal with peter kids were giving less attention, but still treating him like he was younger than them still gave peter punishment when he wouldn’t listen at the count of three can’t keep eye contact, or make long responses peter gives andy a hug and says sorry…the hug is pretty awkward and then he kisses him humming motor boat is his happy sound parents are very caring and nice they gave him a lot of attention when doing things right and became giddy teachers didn’t care so much about actually teaching him academically but giving him
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