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Essay #1 -the practice may have been the restrictive covenants, how they steered blacked into ghettos (pg 147 ossian sweet) -the banks wouldn’t lend any money to the black families -blockbusting, real estate agents wanted to make money so their scared white homeowners by bringing in blacks, then selling the houses to blacks for premium prices -redlining Essay #2 -white flight differences between Chicago and Detroit -chicago was more well rounded industry wise, Detroit was only car industry so once those moved, only whites could move to them Essay #3 -collective action, unions, economic interests of the companies -unions went from inclusive to exclusive, class became more salient as race was less of an issue -more left winged political groups -rated or “redlined” mixed communities
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Unformatted text preview: -new deals reinforced old disadvantages for blacks, they didnt apply for social security because on the books they werent workers-fair labors act and national labor relations act helped whites at first not blacks-new work programs AAA refused to hire blacks-government refused to give loans to blacks to get a home-why did government help whites more than blacks?-government wanted economy to keep up, as blacks worked for far less-didnt want to devalue rich white housing communities-all unions were on strike so they were forced to deal with it within the plants, but not with housing Essay #4-they vary over time, the civil war ended in 1865, where class was more salient than race-plessy vs ferguson 1896, separate but equal which...
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