group project essays - Jonathan Lee- Sole Sisters Coming...

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Unformatted text preview: Jonathan Lee- Sole Sisters Coming into the store I didn’t really expect there to be that much discrimination. I’ve really put much thought into my gender salience so I figured I would still get service despite me being a guy. However I think assume that if I were to get service, I wouldn’t really get many specific details, probably because other workers there would think that I didn’t know much about female style. I came into the store with the idea of telling workers there that I was looking for shoes to buy for my girlfriend. I was dressed in pretty casual clothes so it contrasted greatly with Ari’s very stylish clothing. I was simply wearing a thermal with jeans while Ari was wearing make-up, a hand bag, lipstick, pumps, a short dress, and stockings. I first went into the shoe and clothes store, Sole Sisters and then Ari entered immediately after. I notice there were not many people inside and that it was a pretty small shop. The majority of the clothes were for women and it was pretty obvious that I was walking into a female clothes store by the name of the shop. Regardless I still went in and acted pretty interested in the clothes....
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group project essays - Jonathan Lee- Sole Sisters Coming...

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