My group consisted of myself

My group consisted of myself - My group consisted of myself...

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My group consisted of myself, Carson, Cece, Matt, Robbie, and Cece’s friend Ari. Before we actually headed to the stores to go and take our observations, no one really had any specific roles. We all just made general agreements onto how we would work and who would be doing what. We all communicated through email and also during the end of our sections. I thought in general, we worked extremely together and were very cohesive. We agreed upon on meeting up on state street because there were diverse kinds of shops and stores to choose from. Ari and Cece went to a store called Pitaya to see the dimension of class. We also chose a store called Sole Sisters to see the difference in gender in play. We also went to jewelry stores such as Schlanderer and Sons because in a store like that we figured class would very salient. A jewelry store seemed to be a very typical store that would be picky in its choices of clientele since most of their products are very expensive.
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