soc notes sept 13 - 9/13 Social System 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6....

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9/13 Social System 1. Individual people 2. Roles- father/mother…CEO/wage worker 3. Norms 4. Organizations- governments, corporations, unions, NGOs (non-government associations) 5. Institutions- legal system, political system 6. Groups- racial + classes Econ Individuals -characteristics (rational + self interest) Institutional incentives Both go into behavior or decisions, aggregation of individuals to create collective outcomes However, in a social aspect, depending on what social system is in place, goals or incentives can change. In a society where there are groups, there are unearned gifts that are called privileges Privileges are an uncomfortable topic for individuals because it can make it seem that they are to blame for the racism or other product of the system. However, if an individual can recognize himself or herself then they do not have to recognize that they are the system, and do not have to take the blame of the system. 9/15 Great Migration 1 st wave: 1910-1930 -the First World War caused blacks to migrate to the north to work in the place of all the soldiers over seas
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-other Europeans or Asians could not immigrate because of the asian laws and german u boats for Europeans. -1.6 million migrate out of south 2 nd wave: 1940-1970 -peaks at 1965 -WWII -5 million migrate out of south 1840-1912: great migration of Europeans, ex. 1850 great potato famine for Irish 37 million, almost none went to the south Detroit 1910- 5,700 blacks 1925- 87,000 black 1930- 120,000 blacks Total increases from 466,000 to 1,569,000
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soc notes sept 13 - 9/13 Social System 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6....

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