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NUTRITION 220 EXAM 2 REVIEW TOPICS 1. Food Distribution a. Limitations b. Approaches c. Preferred eating temperatures d. What affects temperature retention? 2. Food Service Systems a. Be able to compare and contrast: advantages vs disadvantages 3. Layout and design a. Regulations b. Planning objectives, procedures c. Recommendations d. Design features (floors, walls)- examples from culinary kitchen tour e. Work flow (shapes for layout)- site specific examples from culinary kitchen tour f. Space allocations for specific areas 4. Food Service Equipment a. Be able to identify from a picture b. Describe the purpose/use 5. Productivity a. Describe all aspects that affect productivity b. Strategies for increasing productivity 6. Quality Management a. Describe quality control, quality assurance, total quality
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Unformatted text preview: management and continuous quality improvement. b. What does quality management focus on? c. Theory X vs Y d. What is empowerment? Readings • Management Practice in Dietetics: chapters 1, 12, 13 • West and Woods: readings #5 and 9, chapters 2 (pp 37-43), 8 (pp 205-225) and 11 • Vitamin retention article, reading #6 • Hospital foodservice and patient experience article, reading #7 • Cook-chill heats up article, reading #8 • Maximizing space article, reading #10 • Ten-point primer on foodservice equipment purchasing article, reading #11 • Designing directors article, reading #12 • Ways foodservice operations can impact the environment, reading #14 • Using thresholds article, reading #15...
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