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220review02 - management and continuous quality improvement...

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NUTRITION 220 EXAM 2 REVIEW TOPICS 1. Food Service Systems a. Be able to compare and contrast b. Examples from VA hospital guest lecture 2. Food Distribution a. Limitations b. Approaches c. Preferred eating temperatures d. What affects temperature retention? 3. Food Service Equipment a. Be able to identify from a picture b. Describe the purpose/use 4. Layout and design a. Regulations b. Planning objectives, procedures c. Recommendations d. Design features (floors, walls)- site specific examples from culinary kitchen tour and from VA hospital guest lecture e. Work flow (shapes for layout)- site specific examples from culinary kitchen tour f. Space allocations for specific areas 5. Productivity a. Describe all aspects that affect productivity b. Strategies for increasing productivity 6. Quality Management a. Describe quality control, quality assurance, total quality
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Unformatted text preview: management and continuous quality improvement. b. What does quality management focus on? c. Theory X vs Y d. What is empowerment? Readings • Management Practice in Dietetics: chapters 1, 12, 13 • West and Woods: readings #5 and 9, chapters 2 (pp 37-43), 8 (pp 205-225) and 11 • Vitamin retention article, reading #6 • Comparison of cook-chill and cook-freeze systems article, reading #7 • Cook-chill heats up article, reading #8 • Maximizing space article, reading #10 • Ten-point primer on foodservice equipment purchasing article, reading #11 • Designing directors article, reading #12 • Ways foodservice operations can impact the environment, reading #14 • Using thresholds article, reading #15...
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