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NUTRITION 220 EXAM 3 REVIEW TOPICS 1. Human Resources a. Types of workers- know the definitions for those discussed. b. What is an FTE? How is it used and calculated? Where is it used? Know how to calculate needs. c. Be able to discuss full and partial employment status definitions d. Diversity in the work place e. What is HR? How is it utilized? f. How do you determine staffing needs? g. Describe the recruitment process, interviewing, hiring, orientation and in-services h. Continuing education i. Performance appraisal j. Job mobility k. Employee disciplinary issues and the process of taking action 2. Budgets a. Purpose b. Objectives c. Types- compare and contrast d. Components e.
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Unformatted text preview: Phases and preparation f. Methods- advantages and disadvantages g. Operating budgets specifics (expenses, overhead etc…) 3. Cost Control a. How do we control income and expenses in food service? b. What are the factors of cost control? c. How do we keep tract of $’s- revenue and expenses? i. Financial reports- name them d. Know food cost formulas- there will be calculations, so bring a calculator. e. Understand relationship between labor and census f. Know how labor contributes as an expense g. What are operating costs? Readings • Management Practice in Dietetics: ch 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15 • Learn to Manage by the numbers- reading 17...
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