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Exam 1 Review: NUTRITION 221 **PLEASE NOTE: when using this review to study, use it as a GUIDE. Everything presented in class lectures is subject to examination, including any handouts provided or readings assigned. ** The exam will be worth 60 points with ~50% as multiple choice/True/False and/or matching questions and ~50% fill-in/short answer questions. Topics Discussed 1. Characteristics of the foodservice industry- chapter 1 Intro to FS 2. Food processing a. Food sources of nutrients- know at least 1-2 foods per nutrient b. Heat processing and nutrient losses (Readings 1-3) c. Methods of heat transfer- compare and contrast methods 3. Food service equipment - be able to identify a piece of equipment and describe it’s purpose in the kitchen (Readings 4,5 and chapter 11 Intro to FS) 4. Menu Planning a. Factors related to the product, client and environment- how do these apply to a menu? b.
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