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223extra01 - based on what you have learned from class •...

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Nutrition in the News EXTRA CREDIT 10 pts DUE DATES: M/W classes: any class period until 5/5 (Monday) T/Th classes: any class period until 5/6 (Tuesday) GUIDELINES Find an article in the newspaper or magazine that is related to nutrition and our class lectures. Turn in a typed summary of the article, including YOUR personal opinion of the content of the article,
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Unformatted text preview: based on what you have learned from class. • When you turn it in, be prepared to SHARE your findings with the class (a 2 minute overview) • Let Dr. Graham know at the beginning of class, in order to present your findings. • The length should be NO MORE THAN 1 page. • Attach the article to the summary....
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