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Course Syllabus for Math 127

Course Syllabus for Math 127 - MATH 127-PRECALCULUS II...

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MATH 127-PRECALCULUS II Instructor Information: Name: Blisin Hestiyas Office: MDWS Room S 316 Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 11:50 – 1:05PM, Tuesday & Thursday 11:50 – 1:05PM, Email: [email protected] Phone: (775) 829-9024 Website: https://sites.google.com/a/tmcc.edu/bhestiyas/ Course Details: Section Time Location 1002 Monday and Wednesday 10.30 AM -11:45 AM Meadowood Center - 105 Syllabus: Course Description: Continuation of MATH 126. Includes the study of circular functions, their graphs and applications, analytic trigonometry, the coordinate geometry of lines and conics, sinusoidal functions, vectors, parametric equations, and the complex plane. Course Outcomes: Outcome1: Students will demonstrate the ability to solve equations involving trigonometric values. Outcome2: Students will demonstrate the ability to prove trigonometric identities. Outcome3: Students will be able to solve Polar Equations. Prerequisite: C or better in Math 126 (Precalculus I) or qualifying ACCUPLACER or ACT/SAT score. Text: Sullivan and Sullivan, PRECALCULUS Enhanced with Graphing Utilities , Fifth Edition with MyMathLab . ( or you may purchase a stand-alone MML access code which gives you a printable, electronic book.) Graphing Calculator: A graphing calculator is required. Please bring it to class each day. You will also need it for the exams. TI 83 calculators are available for rental for $20 per semester in the Tutoring Center. Symbolic manipulators, such as TI-89 or 92 will not be allowed on tests. When you have completed Math 127, you should be able to: 1. Use degrees and radians as angle measures. 2. Relate the coordinates on the unit circle to the angle using the sine, cosine, tangent, and their reciprocal functions. 3. Compute the values of the trigonometric functions of special/ general angles. 4. Analyze and relate data, graphs, and formulas of the trigonometric functions. 5. Compute and apply the inverse trigonometric functions.
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6. Solve trigonometric equations. 7. Solve right/oblique triangles. 8. Apply trigonometric identities. 9. Manipulate and apply vectors. 10. Use polar coordinates to represent curves with equations and graphs. 11. Manipulate complex numbers in trigonometric and exponential forms. 12. Analyze and relate graphs, and formulas of conic sections. 13. Use a graphing calculator to solve problems. 14. Describe and explain problem analyses orally and in writing. Academic Responsibilities
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Course Syllabus for Math 127 - MATH 127-PRECALCULUS II...

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