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Math 95 Online Fall 11 Syllabus - Math 95 ONLINE COURSE...

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Math 95 ONLINE COURSE Elementary Algebra Fall 2011 Syllabus This is NOT a self-paced class! There is a timeline, due dates for assignments, and scheduled ON CAMPUS exam days. Class Dates: August 29 – December 15 Instructor Information: Shannon McCool Phone: 673-7188 Do not use Angel **Best way to contact me: e-mail: Website: Textbook: Purchase the MyMathLab (MML) access code from the TMCC bookstore (or online). This will allow you to access the electronic textbook we will be using: Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, 4 th Edition by Elayn Martin-Gay. You do not need to purchase the MML access code again if you have already purchased it for this textbook and/or used it with this textbook. We are NOT using ALEKS or ANGEL. You will also need the Course ID I provide you on my website in the MML Registration Math 95 Online F11 link. Be sure to use the code for the correct class and correct semester or you will not be registered correctly. Course Website: Most information can be found on my website (listed above) by clicking on the Math 95 Online link on left hand side. The homework assignments, quizzes, video examples, practice problems, etc., are accessed using MML on the Course Compass website: . The course is NOT conducted using Angel so do not e-mail or post anything there. Calculator: A $2 six function calculator from the Tutoring Center or local store will be fine. TI 83 calculators can be rented for $20 per semester in the Math Tutoring Center at TMCC in Vista B106 if you would like, although it is not necessary. Prerequisites: 1. C or better in Math 093 or equivalent or satisfactory ACCUPLACER, ACT/SAT test results. 2. You must have access to the Internet with MML system requirements on the computer you will be using. 3. You must be computer and Internet knowledgeable. 4. You must be self-disciplined and possess good time management skills. 5. You must have good reading and comprehension skills.
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Course Description: This is a first course in algebra. Topics include the fundamental operations on real numbers, first degree equations and inequalities in one and two variables, polynomials, integer exponents, solving quadratic equations by factoring. Course Outcomes: Outcome Statement 1: Students will demonstrate the ability to simplify and evaluate algebraic expressions. Outcome Statement 2: Students will demonstrate the ability to form and solve linear equations in one variable. Outcome Statement 3: Students will demonstrate the ability to form and graph linear equations in two variables. Course Objectives: Students will: 1. Perform operations of real numbers by applying the properties of real numbers 2. Translate English into algebraic expressions. 3. Simplify and evaluate algebraic expressions.
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Math 95 Online Fall 11 Syllabus - Math 95 ONLINE COURSE...

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