Cold War Ideology and Policies

Cold War Ideology and Policies - Britain and other places...

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Cold War Ideology and Policies University of Phoenix 09/25/2011 The Cold War ideology was over dominance between democracy and communism. World War II ended and left much or Europe in ruins and economical ruins and Japan defeated so this left the USSR or Russia and the United States left as the 2 great super powers. Communism spread through E. Germany, and N. Korea. The US was helping rebuilt Western Europe from their economical trouble and form allies to hold back Russia from expanding communism further. Then in 1947 the Truman doctrine came out to offer 400 million to shore up Turkey and Greece’s
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defenses along with other faltering governments against encroaching communism do to the fact that Britain could no longer provided assistance. The US policies were to prevent communism from spreading do to the economic ruins of
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Unformatted text preview: Britain and other places like Japan. This came in many different ways from military support and financial support to provide the support to keep back communism growth in those areas. George Kennan provided a long telegram recommended containment which provided a plan to stop the spread of communism. The Truman Doctrine asked Congress for 400 million in military and economic aid to help free people and would help Greece and Turkey. Anticommunism became a major theme in American policy the Truman Plan was another recovery plan to help rebuild countries in Western Europe and even made open to Russia to help rebuild the other countries and proved crucial in Western Europes recovery References (2005). Nation of Nations (4th ed.)....
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Cold War Ideology and Policies - Britain and other places...

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