Eisenhower Politics - moderate support of medical insurance...

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Eisenhower Politics 9/29/2011 University of Phoenix Eisenhower worked toward consensus and tried to avoid confrontation and believed the government needed religious faith no matter what faith it is based on. Eisenhower said he was conservative in things that come to money but liberal when it comes to human beings. Eisenhower also implemented acts like the High Way Act and the St. Lawrence Seaway Act these too acts built the roads and was to open a way to the Great Lakes for ships to go threw for trading this was all done with taxes and tolls rather than tax payer revenues. Eisenhower’s views on government were to reduce federal spending and the government’s role in the economy. Eisenhower also resisted conservative attempts to remove New Deal programs and actually added increases to Social Security, unemployment insurance, and minimum wage and accepted
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Unformatted text preview: moderate support of medical insurance for the needy and a public housing program. Eisenhower was able to bridge all parties in the government by not taking a rigid stand on issues and work with everyone to achieve goals one for example was the New Deal program instead of dismantling it he was able to add onto it in areas due to his open mind and flexibility. In the 40s and 50s the government policies were based on helping stop the advance of communism by helping the war stricken governments with military and bases to help stop Russia from expanding. The thought behind this is to expand democracy and trade to other nations as they rebuilt their governments and economy. References (2005). Nation of Nations (4th ed.)....
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Eisenhower Politics - moderate support of medical insurance...

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