End of the Cold War Checkpoint

End of the Cold War Checkpoint - made in China tag on. To...

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End of the Cold War Checkpoint University of Phoenix 11/17/2011 The U.S. plays a huge trade part in trade with other countries around the world. One of the biggest was when the U.S. opened up trade up with Russia and China this to me played a major role in opening up new trade channels to allow for prices to go down on products and help the faltering Russian economy and China now that trade is open what in America do you not see a
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Unformatted text preview: made in China tag on. To me once that was opened up played a huge role in Lessing the stereo types and the nuclear stress people had at the time and has shaped trade to this day and the international market place and has helped other smaller area with hardships to get materials they need to better their lives and to help them grow in economy...
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