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Most Significant Events HIS/135 November 20, 2011 University of Phoenix Introduction The United States has had many different roles threw out the 50’s till today with Political impacts, social, and economical impacts in the country and on other nations. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the most important from the 50’s till 2000. I will be speaking about several different topics I feel were the most important and finish up with were I think we are going as a Nation. The Civil Rights Movement The Civil rights Movement was one of the significant movements in the 1950’s. The movement started with African Americans but other races also started their movements a little later. The United States had segregation laws the prohibited African Americans from going to the same schools, restaurants, movies, or even rides the bus at the same time with a white person.
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sacrifice from African Americans. The Brown vs. board of Education of Topeka case in 1954 redefined the education system but it took work and I speak of the children that went to the schools were segregation was at an end for they took much abuse threw it being verbal and physical and the pickers against non-segregation. In 1955 Rosa Parks a African American refused to give her bus seat up for a white patron because she did not believe that she should have to give her seat up just so a white gentle man could have it over her and this lead her to be put to jail. These actions lead to many movements many and some of the most important to the Civil Rights Movement were lead by Martin Luther King who was later killed. The Space Race In the 1960 John Fitzgerald Kennedy was running for president of the United States during one of his speeches he stated that, “we are in a strategic space race with the Russians and we have been losing . ... Control of space will be decided in the next decade. If the Soviets control space, they can control Earth, as in the past centuries the nations that controlled the seas dominated the continents." (The Space Race, para. 4) John F Kennedy believe we as a nation needed to strive to get to space because the Russian were already doing so and were ahead of us in the space because it could have drastic consequences if they controlled space so John F.
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His 135 final - Most Significant Events HIS/135 University...

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