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McCarthyism hit on the fears of the time about communism threw many different areas from regular people to conservatives. The fears generated by this affected many people. The fear of the American people at the time was high when it came to communism and leads to witch hunts that got people jailed, fired, and in one case could have lead to the deaths of innocent people. The government passed loyalty acts for teachers and a loyalty board. The way I see this is he used hear say and none existing documents to cause pain among people and caused damage
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Unformatted text preview: to people with little or no evidence. I find McCarthyism inappropriate because it caused undo distress and scaring people into thinking there was a bigger problem than there was. This also cause undo firings, investigations and trials that should not have taken place. The only benefit is that in the end the people say him for what he was once the televised trials were on TV for everyone to see....
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