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his135_week4 dq2 - other The effect of music brought back...

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The counterculture of the 1960’s effected communal living in the way that younger people were dropping out of school and joining each other to live in a way were they controlled their own lives and rejected government and relied on themselves to be free and live happy together with hallucinogenic drugs to find their way and provide new outlooks on life. Youth movements really started coming out with the Vietnam War and the many protests against the war and their desire for the freedom to live the way they wanted to live together and in peace and harmony with each
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Unformatted text preview: other. The effect of music brought back folk music later on the blues and eventually the Beetles as one major band. The music of that time got more public attention and changed the face of music and eventually lead to Rock and Roll that with all its popularity lead into the big industry of music and much more tolerance to the singers compared to earlier with white and black singers being on the air and a better tolerance in the music industry all together....
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