Reagan - a borrowing on and probably the most indebt...

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Reagan’s Economics Checkpoint 11/3/2011 University of Phoenix President Reagan was probably one of the most popular people and well know threw the U.S because of his acting career so people knew him threw that career and because of that he was a very well spoken man that made things easy for people to understand. President Reagan wanted to cut taxes to increase the tax revenue increased. The Reaganomics or trickledown effect basically left the rich get richer under the assumption that that would poor down to the middle and lower class even though the unemployment rates continued to rise. Reagan also increased spending in the space defense department for a lunar missile defense system. During Reagan’s time as president the U.S. had an all time unemployment rate he took us from a lender country to
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Unformatted text preview: a borrowing on and probably the most indebt countries around and raised our national debt from 700 billion to 3 trillion threw the expensive programs he planned on implementing. I personally do not and did not see any real positives from his time as president but I was still fairly young also I seen the rich get richer and the poor get poorer he did increase welfare and public assistance for those in need but then you look at the rising unemployment rates something had to be done. References Davidson, J. (Ed.). (2006). Nation of nations: A concise narrative of the American republic (4th ed., Vol. 2). New York: McGraw-Hill....
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Reagan - a borrowing on and probably the most indebt...

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