Vietnam War - The Vietnam War HIS/135 University of Phoenix...

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The Vietnam War 10/22/2011 HIS/135 University of Phoenix The Vietnam War started in 1955 and was on the longest running war in American history. America got involved do to the fear of the spread of communism and the fear that if North Vietnam took over South Vietnam the rest of Asia would fall like dominos to communism. To stop the fall of South Vietnam to North Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh America started to assist South Vietnam with training its troops and sending troops over. So in 1965 America began sending its troops to South Vietnam but as the war drug on and more and more troops were sent over to South Vietnam Americans became more and more dissatisfied with the fact that we keep sending troops without a victory. One of the factors in the war were that the North Vietnamese
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used guerilla tactics troops were not being hurt in shoot outs but traps set down paths and stepping on mines and things of that nature so troops were being hurt or killed without even seeing the enemy. The Selective Service Act of 1917 that requires males of the age of 18 to register for Selective Service Draft and has been used threw American history to support troops in war time. In World War I 2.8 million men were drafted and around 10 million by World War II and
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Vietnam War - The Vietnam War HIS/135 University of Phoenix...

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