week5 day 4 his - our excess grain and so forth The...

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Richard Nixon was the 37th President from 1969 to 1974. Nixon came into office during the Vietnam war that he wanted to bring a close to due to the fact no one seen a way to win it. Nixon started to withdraw troops from Vietnam in hopes to reopen negations for a resolution to the war with very little luck. To further put stress on North Vietnam Nixon opened up communications with China and the Soviet Union and took a trip to Moscow in 1972 which was a first for any U.S. President from this visit came the Soviet strategic arms limitation agreement, and agreed not to produce new antiballistic missile systems with a limitation on how many intercontinental missiles each side could have. This also lead to a trade agreement were we would send some of
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Unformatted text preview: our excess grain and so forth. The policies during the cold war were different from the way Nixon dealt with them because during the cold war around the 50’s was to send troops to bolster other countries and hold the USSR back or from advancing communism. Nixon actually opened up communication and talks to ease that looming threat that was over everyone’s head and actually got treats and agreements to ease these tensions. References Davidson, J.W., Gienapp, W.E., Heyrman, C.L., Lytle, M.H., and Stoff, M.B. (2005). Nations of Nations: A Concise Narrative of the American Republic, Fourth Edition. Published by the McGraw-Hill Company....
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week5 day 4 his - our excess grain and so forth The...

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