Alcoholism in Law Enforcement

Alcoholism in Law Enforcement - Berg 1 Andy Berg Thomas...

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Berg 1 Andy Berg Thomas Mackel Intro to Law 24 February 2010 Alcoholism in Law Enforcement A study of 852 police officers found that nearly 50 percent of male and 40 percent of female officers consumed excessive amounts of alcohol. Excessive amounts of alcohol is defined as more than 8 drinks per week at least twice a month or over 28 drinks a month for males and more than 6 drinks per week at least twice a month or 14 drinks a month for females and that nearly 90 percent of all officers consumed alcohol to some degree. Law enforcement officers face traumatic incidents daily. These events are unexpected and sudden and they are well beyond the bounds of normal experience. These incidents can have profound physical, emotional, and psychological impacts on officers, even for the best-trained, experienced, and seasoned officers. I have researched this topic because I want people to better understand the physical and emotional demands that a police officer must meet every day and the affects from the stress of it. In the following report I will cover the effects of alcohol in law enforcement and the effects it has on police departments and their officers. There are estimated 623,000 police officers employees in the United States. It has been argued that police officers are at increased risk for mortality as a result of their occupation. The average age of death for a police officer is 66 years old. (Law Enforcement Wellness Association) The ability to cope with stressful incidents is a personal journey that depends on an
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Berg 2 officer's past experiences with trauma. Appropriate development of coping strategies for stress is the ability to talk to family, friends, and other officers. This creates a lot of social problems. These social problems may seem different in the eyes of other individuals, what may
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Alcoholism in Law Enforcement - Berg 1 Andy Berg Thomas...

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