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How do I remove an extra operating system from by

How do I remove an extra operating system from by -...

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If you have more then one operating system installed or wish to remove an operating system from the boot menu, you can use the following information. 1.Click on Start, Control Panel, System, Advanced. 2.Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings. 3.Under Default Operating System, choose one of the following: "Microsoft Windows XP Professional /fastdetect"
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Unformatted text preview: -or-"Microsoft Windows XP Home /fasdetect"-or-"Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional /fastdetect" 4.Take the checkmark out of the box for "Time to display a list of Operating Systems". 5.Click Apply and Ok, and reboot the system. *If you wish to edit the boot.ini file manually, click on the button "EDIT"...
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