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ECE 220A/MAT 215A Homework 2 HOMEWORK 2 Introducing Dopants by Diffusion and Thermal Oxidation DUE: Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011 Paper copies of the homework must be handed in class and an electronic version uploaded on Gaucho Space In order for you to collectively get the experience needed for your group labs, half of you will be carrying out phosphorus diffusion into silicon wafers and the other half will be doing an oxidation procedure . You will each be responsible for obtaining one doped sample as well as two oxidized samples. Within your lab groups, make the decision on who will be doing which process for this homework. Ideally, all group members should develop a working knowledge of both the oxidation and diffusion processes in the lab 1 . Obtain three pieces of p-type <100> silicon. The resistivity of this sample is not important, but note the value of the starting resistivity. Do this by etching off the native oxide, and carrying out a 4-point probe measurement of the wafer. PLEASE MAINTAIN OWNERSHIP OF YOUR SAMPLES BEYOND THIS HOMEWORK. The first goal of this homework is to give you experience in the two furnace-based processes of diffusion-doping
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