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ECE 220A/MAT 215A Homework 3 HOMEWORK 3 Evaporating a Thin Metal Film DUE: Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011 Paper copies of the homework must be handed in class and an electronic version uploaded on Gaucho Space For this lab please use the pieces of oxidized silicon from the last homework. PLEASE MAINTAIN OWNERSHIP OF YOUR SAMPLES BEYOND THIS HOMEWORK. The first goal of this homework is to give you experience in evaporating a thin metal film onto a silicon substrate, using the lift-off technique. The second goal is to give you the opportunity to practice contact alignment. If your thin film adheres to the substrate , the third goal is for you to measure the resistance of the film you have deposited and its contact with the substrate. The final goal of the homework is to use the labs SEM to analyze your metal-oxide-semiconductor stack. 1. Prepare (clean) the pieces of silicon using the standard procedure listed in the Teaching Cleanroom. 2.
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