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COURSE SYLLABUS : (Econ 4600): Economic Growth and Development Prerequisite : Econ 2020 Catalog Description : A critical survey of growth and strategies of economic development, including regional growth and development; historical evidence of development. Course Objective : Investigation of the economic and social factors of countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa that make the prospects for growth and development problematic. Understanding the impact of incomplete markets. Developing a comparative knowledge of competing theories and policies that would explain and promote growth and development. Instructor : Dr Jon Jonakin Office Number and Phone : 316 Johnson Hall; 372-3767 Office Hours : TR @ 12:15-1:15; W @ 12:00-3:30 and by appointment. If these office hours do not fit your schedule, feel free to call, email, or talk to me after class and we will work out an alternative time. Required Text: Economic Development, eighth edition , Todaro, M. & Smith, S. Boston: Addison Wesley, 2003. Required supplemental readings will be announced and made avaiable through email attachments, handouts, or placed on the class iLearn site. Course Content Ch. 1: Economics, Institutions & Development Ch. 2: Diverse Structures & Common Characteristics Development Ch. 4: Classic Theories of Development Underdevelopment [pp.145-48; 150-53; 157-59; 164-70] Ch. 6: Poverty, Inequality, and Development [197-206; 214-221; 224-229; 237-241 [pp. 308-333; 345-351]
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Exam 1 Ch. 13: The Trade Policy Debate Ch. 14: Balance of Payments, Developing-Country Debt, and the Macro Stabilization Controversy Ch. 15: Foreign Finance, Investment, and Aid
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Econ460012 - COURSE SYLLABUS Course Number & Title:...

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