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Using Thomson Research SEC 10-Year Data 1. Your company or library might subscribe to Thomson Research (which is not exactly the same as the Thomson ONE—Business School Edition). If so, you might choose to use this as your data source. One advantage is that it has the 10- year historical balance sheets, income statements, and statement of cash flows all in one file (while Thomson ONE has them in three separate files). Following are directions for using data from Thomson Research in the valuation model. 2. After logging in, enter your company’s ticker symbol and click Go. 3. Select SEC 10-K History (10-Year). 4. This will bring up a screen with the ten-year historical balance sheets, income statements, and statement of cash flows. Select the entire spreadsheet and copy and paste it into another spreadsheet. Save this Excel file. 5. Look through the financial statements in the Excel file. Make sure that only numbers (or blank spaces) appear in the financial statement columns. For
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