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Using Generic Data Source 1. If you use one of the Thomson data bases (either Thomson Research or Thomson ONE—Business School Edition), then use the corresponding valuation template. If you don’t use one of the Thomson data bases, then follow the steps below. 2. Make a copy of the spreadsheet “Valuation Template (Generic data source).xls” and give the copy the name of your company. 3. Enter the historical financial statements of your company in the Actual worksheet, either by hand or by cutting and pasting from an electronic data source. a. All entries in the financial statement columns (not including the first column for labels) must be numeric or blank. b. Put the most recent year’s data in column B, the next most recent in column C, etc. c. Ten years of data are ideal, but you can conduct the analysis with as few as two years. 4. Create links from the items in the Actual sheet to the corresponding items in the Comprehensive sheet. See Chapter 9 for details. 5.
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