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Spanish grammar aspects

Spanish grammar aspects - Some grammar aspects Subjunctive...

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Some grammar aspects Subjunctive As you know, the subjunctive is not really a tense because we can use it in present, past or future. We could say that we use the subjunctive to express the mood of the speaker. The Subjunctive Mood is used, mostly in dependent clauses, after verbs that suggest non-factual events, such as indirect commands, doubts, subjective perception, etc. USE THE SUBJUNCTIVE IN CLAUSES PRECEDED BY: 1 . an expression of INFLUENCE (indirect command):* Quieren que funcione. * Noun clauses 2 . an expression of EMOTION:* Es bueno que funcione. * 3 . an expression of DOUBT or DISBELIEF: No creen que funcione. 4 . an expression of DENIAL: No es verdad que funcione. 5 . a hypothetical or nonexistent person or thing: Buscan un programa que funcione. Adjective clauses 6 . a conjunction presenting a hypothetical or anticipated event:* Lo usarán cuando funcione. No lo usarán hasta* que funcione. Adverb clauses 7 . the conjunction "if" ( si ) for unlikely or contrary-to-fact events, (past subjunctive only): Si funcionara, lo usarían. (Never use the present subjunctive after si ) "if" clauses ( 8 . Ojalá (que), a menos que, no hay +nada/nadie/ningún+ que ("No hay nada que funcione") * in these cases the infinitive is used when there is only one subject: Esperan hasta terminar. ( they wait until they finish) Stress and written accent Word endings and written accents are used as a guide allowing us to read and pronounce the words correctly. So when we find a word that has not written accent there are two possibilities:
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If it ends in a vowel , -n or –s , we will stress the syllable before the last one: Silla- si lla The words that end in a consonant d ifferent from -n , or, -s will stress the last syllable: Comer- co
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Spanish grammar aspects - Some grammar aspects Subjunctive...

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