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1120 syllabus fall 2011-1 - 1History 1120 Dr E Propes Fall...

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1 History 1120 Dr. E. Propes Fall 2011 Henderson Hall 009 [email protected] 931-372-3616 (office) 931-372-3332 (dept) Office Hours: by appointment 11:30-12:30 M, F 12:30 - 1:30 T World Civilizations (since 1500) Course Description This course considers major historical developments within the world since 1500, with a primary focus on daily life and society; modern science and technology; philosophical development addressing the idea of modern civics, citizenship, and human rights; the rise of the nation-state, and interaction among world cultures, particularly in terms of imperialism and anti-colonialism, and global markets. I reserve the right to amend this syllabus as necessary. Modifications will be announced in advance. Learning Objectives This course is part of the general education curriculum for Tennessee Tech. By taking this course, students are expected to advance their abilities to 1) Analyze historical facts and interpretations. 2) Analyze and compare political, geographic, economic, social, cultural, religious and intellectual institutions, structures, and processes across a range of historical periods and cultures. 3) Recognize and articulate the diversity of human experience across a range of historical periods and the complexities of a global culture and society. 4) Draw on historical perspective to evaluate contemporary problems/issues. 5) Analyze the contributions of past cultures/societies to the contemporary world Disability Access Students eligible for services through the Office of Disability Services need to see Chester Goad in the Roaden University Center Room 112 to acquire an Accommodation Request (AR) form by the end of the first week of classes. I will need to sign this paperwork for you before any accommodations can be made in this course. For questions, call Disability Services at 931-372- 6119. During the semester arrangements for use of Disability Services must be made with me and the Office at least 36 hours in advance (each time). Communication with Your Professor
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Email through my [email protected] address is by far the best way to reach me on a regular basis, and except in case of emergency, you will generally hear from me within 24 hours. I will not check iLearn email. Voicemail is the last thing I get to, and you may have to wait a bit before you hear back from me. If you leave a voicemail message that requires attention before our morning class, you probably won’t get a response in time. Email is the best way to address such issues. Meeting with Your Professor Henderson Hall is undergoing extensive renovations that at times make my office uninhabitable.
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1120 syllabus fall 2011-1 - 1History 1120 Dr E Propes Fall...

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