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Ch. 4 Pressure = 1atm = 760mmHg (torr) = 101.325Pa Ideal Gas Law PV=nRT R = 0.08205 R = 8.314 [SI units- Pa, m 3 , K, mol] J Density Molarity Standard Temperature and Pressure STP: 273K, 1atm Volume of 1 mole of any gas ~ 22.4L Partial Pressures = mole fraction Effusion/Diffusion Graham’s Law r= rate of effusion or diffusion Mean Square Speed Use R=8.314J/K.mol, T in K, MM in kg
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Unformatted text preview: Kinetic Molecular Theory 1. Molecules are in constant random motion 2. Molecules occupy no volume or space themselves* 3. Molecules move in straight lines until they collide with one another 4. Collisions are elastic* 5. Average kinetic energy is inversely proportional to T Gases behave more ideally at high temperatures and low pressure...
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