midt1Solns_2011 Midterm

midt1Solns_2011 Midterm - VGT(lower)=VGT(upper) only @0.7V...

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ECE260A Midterm #1 Solns J Eldon 2011.10.12 1a) o o o o C A A A A B B B B _ _ _ _ C _ 1b) o o o o o C A A A A B B B B _ _ _ _ C _ _ th , Fig 1.19 th , Fig 11.3b (C out portion only) 3a) Y=(A.C)+(B.!C) or (A.!C)+(B.C) 3b) Accept Fig1.28, 1.29A (best), or 1.29B
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4a) Vg > 0.7V 4b) cutoff; triode/linear; sat; triode/lin. 4c) lower: VGT = VG-0.7; VDS = 0.3*(VG-0.7) upper: VGT = 0.7*(VG-0.7); VDS = 5 – 0.3*(VG-0.7)
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Unformatted text preview: VGT(lower)=VGT(upper) only @0.7V cutoff for VG<0.7V would be sat at VG = 0.7, but current still 0 lower transistor in linear for VG>0.7V upper in saturation 5a) sat B = 6mA/v 2 ; I = 0.03mA 5b) cutoff 5c) sat I = 3*0.2 2 = 0.12mA 5d) same as 5c) 6) .1mA = (B/2)(0.9-0.7) 2 (1+0.01) B = 4.95mA/v 2 W/L = 49.5...
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midt1Solns_2011 Midterm - VGT(lower)=VGT(upper) only @0.7V...

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