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James Schieferstein 11/12/11 #4: Emotional Complexity of Conflicts Roz swore at him. “You messed with our minds! How many times, Max? Who else have you done this to? Josh? Is that why our brother is so different from other kids his age? He’s ten years old and he has no friends, no hobbies. He hardly does anything kids his age do. All he does is study! Have you been using your power on him too?” . . . . . Pyrokine shrugged free of Thunder’s grip. “No! How dare you, Dalton! Do you know what your lies did to me, to my family? You destroyed them! My folks lost their jobs, they had to move to a new town! Near the end of Super Human , Roz Dalton discovers that the young villain Pyrokine used to be a good guy named Fabian, and that they used to be in love with each other. Throughout the second half of the book, during each encounter they hinted that Roz knew Pyrokine in some way, but didn’t understand how. Near
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Unformatted text preview: the climax, the humans begin recovering from the Helotry’s artificial plague, including Max Dalton, Roz’s older brother. His power is the ability to psychically enter and control other people’s minds. A power that Fabian and Roz discovered he has been abusing for too long. He thought that Roz was in dang got Pyrokine put behind bars, and got both him and Roz to forget about their past relationship with each other. Roz thinks that he even brainwashed their little brother, Josh, into being such a different child. Fabian’s family was also badly affected by Max’s abusive decision. Even after Pyrokine sacrificed himself to kill Krodin and save the world, Max has the gall to erase everyone’s memories of Pyrokine when the fight is over....
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