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James Schieferstein 11/30/11 “A quartet of swordsmen surrounded him, rushed at him with their shields raised their weapons flailing. Krodin leaped at one of the men, ducked under his swinging sword, crashed into the man’s shield. Behind him, the Egyptian’s colleagues slammed into each other, stumbled.” I love how Michael Carroll vividly describes the detail of the characters’ movements in Super Human. The fluidity of each action perfectly matches the descriptive nature of the moment. This makes for an image you can perfectly re- create in your head. “Abby spent the next fifteen minutes bustling back and forth between the
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Unformatted text preview: tables, the register, the counter, and the kitchen window. The only other waitress on duty was Mandy, a forty-three year old mother of four who had spent almost the whole shift sitting in the kitchen and complaining to the cook about how busy the diner was.” Another way Michael describes things well is through background observations. This passage demonstrates his ability to take a simple, rather unimportant moment of the story and open it up into a scene from a movie theater. Michael’s ability of using language to convey motion is on par to reading a comic book with no pictures....
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