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Axia College Material Appendix E System-Level Requirements Example Consider the Paint the Room program, in which you developed what are often called system- level requirements —the basis for all subsequent analysis and design steps. The following steps will take these system-level requirements and refine them into a detailed blueprint for the program. Up to this point, you have identified the processes the program must perform, but you have not given any consideration to exactly how the processes work together to solve the problem. At this point, you must generate a description of the processing using pseudocode , a natural language description of the processing the application must perform. The natural place to start is the system-level requirements you identified in the Input-Process- Output (IPO) chart. Determine how the processes work together: Once you have determined the top-level logic, you can then design each of the individual processes. It is this step-wise refinement process
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App E revised - Axia College Material Appendix E...

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