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Top-Level Objects Communicates with Incoming Messages Outgoing Messages Motor Wheels Deck Transmission Starter Throttle Steering wheel Deck control Axles Shifter Ignition Fuel consumption Direction to turn(left, right, neither) Move deck( up, down) Direction to move(forward, reverse) On/off Speed Turning Deck Height Direction mower goes Motor starts Example of a Riding Lawn Mower Explain some of the graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and communications messages that occur during the operation of that household object. The first communications message would Give the options to turn the key to on to start or off to stop mowing, then would prompt the user to select a deck height for mower to cut the grass at a certain height with height available from 0’’ to 5’’. After that it would ask the user/rider to pick a direction to move forward/reverse and which way to turn left, right, or not to turn and the user/ rider would select a throttle position to determine the speed to travel. Once these steps are complete the user could enter these
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Unformatted text preview: variables over and over again except for the first one which would only allow the user to turn the key to off. Describe some of the advantages of having a componentized system. For example, what happens if the object breaks? I would have to say that a componentized system advantages are that it is just that componentized meaning that if an object breaks you do not have to replace the whole system just the component that has broken within the system. Another advantage is that each component is design specifically to do a certain job which allows it to be highly efficient at performing its task and it can do this without needing to tell the other components how it does the task just the results of the task if the other components need the information to perform their tasks. This is known as encapsulation or information hiding....
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