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As you polish your essay in preparation for your final project, which areas do you believe you need to improve, and how will you make those improvements? The first thing I will need to improve on is making sure I am citing and referencing my sources correctly. I have the general concept on how to do this and I know there is a citation and reference generator in the Center for Writing Excellence, I will just have to keep a close eye on where I received the facts from and make sure the information is from a creditable source. The second
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Unformatted text preview: area I need to improve on is not using the second person in my writing I have a tendency to use “you” and “your” a lot in my writing. One way I have found to correct this is having other people read my draft and make suggestions on how to revise the essay and I have also found Writepoint helps out when it comes to the mechanics of the essay. I believe these are the two biggest issues I will have when writing my essay, but if I take my time and focus on the writing I should be able to easily correct the issues....
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