Check Point week two - anytime which makes the results of...

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Running head: CHECK POINT 1 Check Point Steven Barry ETH 125 February 25, 2011 Nancy Messer
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CHECK POINT 2 Check Point I took the racial IAT and my results said I have a moderate automatic preference for European Americans compared to African Americans. I can see some validity behind this result because my exposure to European Americans has been much greater than my exposure to African Americans. Most of my life I lived in way northern Michigan and the population of African Americans was zero and come to think of it I was around 18 years old when I actually saw an African American in real life. So I could see why I would favor European American a little more than African Americans. In my opinion it is extremely difficult to accurately measure prejudice for many reasons. The first one being people lie, they can say anything they want about different types of people at
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Unformatted text preview: anytime which makes the results of the test very unreliable. The next reason I think it is difficult is because even with years and years of research done on the subject the test can be flawed either by the way the questions are asked or written, the way the results are analyzed, or even by the where the test is given. So by just the couple of examples I have given about these tests I would say they are more likely to be inaccurate then accurate, but there are many ways that sociologist calculate prejudice such as the Bogardus Social Distance Scale, Katz-Zalk Projective Prejudice Test, and the Summated difference technique and maybe if a combination of these tools are used the accuracy rate would increase....
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Check Point week two - anytime which makes the results of...

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