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Checkpoint week 3 - talent or IQ then why not someone who...

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1. Should United States government policy favor certain kinds of immigrants? Personally I do not believe the United States government policies should favor certain kinds of immigrants. We are a country that was founded and has developed over the years because of immigrants from all over the world. I believe if you can pass the naturalization test, background check and swear your allegiance to this country you should be able to become a citizen no questions asked. Unfortunately this is not really how the system works anymore. 2. Should citizenship preference be given to the neediest applicants? The most talented? The most oppressed? The richest? When it comes to preferences on who should be given citizenship is like a double edged sword because it is one of those things that once you let someone in for one thing like
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Unformatted text preview: talent or IQ then why not someone who is rich and so on. Once the floodgates open it becomes very hard to say no to people who are “preferred” and yes to people who are not when every immigrant who is applying should be treated equally. I understand now days there has to be some preferred more than others because of life threatening situations they might be in like a war torn country or some sort of natural disaster, but preference should never be given base on wealth, how smart a person is or their country of origin. 3. Should applications from certain countries be given priority? (Feltey, 2006, p. 11) Yes and No, as I stated before unless a person is in fear of his life because of war, terrorism, political views, or natural disasters there should be no priority given....
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