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Checkpoint week 6 - of reservations but this does not help...

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A current issue the Native Americans are facing with the federal government is who is responsible for the environment and environmental regulations within their reservations; this brings up the question who decides the "law of the land" for Native Americans living on the reservation. Although they have traditionally seen themselves as a part of the land, Native Americans today face numerous environmental problems. However, as sovereign nations, Indian tribes govern themselves and have had difficulty working with the United States government on environmental policy issues. This inability to work together has resulted in Indian tribes being as much as fifty years behind current United States environmental regulation. The EPA's Indian Environmental General Assistance Program, which provides grants that enable tribes to monitor and assess environmental resources and pollution, is one attempt to update environmental protection and clean up
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Unformatted text preview: of reservations but this does not help much. Native American Tribes are face with a number of environmental problems on their reservations; even basic necessities like clean drinking water and sewage treatment are coming up short. And That just scratches the surface a lot of reservations are located in remote areas where there are no landfills or garbage services which lead to the accumulation of waste that could potentially be environmentally hazardous or the reservations are located in areas next to hazardous waste site that emit chemical wastes into the land and water contaminating them and the wildlife the Native Americans rely on to survive. If this issue does not get resolved the impact on the native Americans land will be irreversible and cause environmental crisis’s throughout the Native American nations....
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