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Week 3 Assignment - Running head ETHNIC GROUPS AND...

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Running head: ETHNIC GROUPS AND DISCRIMINATION 1 Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Steven Barry ETH 125 March 6, 2011 Nancy Messer
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ETHNIC GROUPS AND DISCRIMINATION 2 Ethnic Groups and Discrimination My family’s heritage as well as 40 million other Americans according to the census bureau is of Irish decent. And although my family immediate family is fairly new to this county me being the second generation being born here it seems that me and my fellow Irish Americans still have a strong bond with our country of heritage and America equally, even though we have had our ups and downs here when it comes to racism, segregation, and prejudices. According to the Dictionary of American history approximately fifty to one hundred thousand Irish came to America in the 1600’s and over one hundred thousand more in the 1700’s. A few of these immigrants were wealthy businessmen and merchants who established businesses in the colonies, but the rest were mostly indentured servants because it was the most common way to afford migration in that time period. Even though the Irish were treated this way and were consider second class citizens they still played a big role in the evolution of the colonies and our independence from Great Britain. After the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the
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