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Unformatted text preview: One of the main things I have learned about race and ethnicity in the US is the overwhelming amount of misinformation and the amount of mistaken conclusions formed about the fastest growing minority group in the United States, Hispanics. There is a widely believed stereotype about Hispanics that they are "new" to the United States, which is very wrong. Many Hispanics participated in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the World Wars. There is also the mistaken belief that the word "Hispanic" refers to a racial group. This is very wrong. The term "Hispanic" is a term used to refer to persons whose native country, or whose ancestors' native countries, spoke Spanish. In fact, Hispanics can be of any race, Caucasian, Black, or Asian, but there is no "Hispanic" race. Finally, there is also the mistaken belief that the term "Hispanic" refers to a group of homogeneous people who vote, act, and behave alike. This too is very wrong and often insulting to people who think of themselves as individuals and also, who...
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