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CHAPTER 11 – INTERPERSONAL ATTRACTION, CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS, AND GROUPS Interpersonal Attraction Decoration strategies around the world, cultural variation in what is viewed as attractive o Paduang in Thailand = women elongate their necks by several inches by inserting an increasing number of brass rings around them as they grow up o Mursi in Ethiopia = women stretch their lower lips by inserting progressively larger ceramic disks in a hole that has been cut through the lip o Ainu of northern Japan = women often tattoo their faces in what looks like a moustache around their lips o Westerners = women darken their eyelashes with mascara, paint their lips with lipstick, and shave the hair from their legs Despite array of strategies humans adopt to make themselves more physically appealing, there are numerous commonalities across cultures in what is perceived Attractive faces o Complexion = skin that looks free of blemishes, blotches, sores, and rashes is viewed as more attractive; evolutionary reasoning that blemishes and sores on their skin could be useful indicators regarding presence of parasites or diseases; apparent health of skin could have been a useful heuristic for sizing up the health of one’s potential mate in the ancestral environment; ancestors who preferred blemish-free skin would have been more likely to have healthy mates and having surviving offspring; over time, preferences for perfect skin would have become more common in the human gene pool o Bilateral symmetry = most attracted to people whose left sides of their faces and bodies look identical to their right sides; indicator of developmental stability; given ideal growing conditions, an organism’s right and left sides will develop identically; genetic mutations, pollution pathogens, and stresses encountered in the womb can lead organisms to develop in slightly asymmetrical ways; the more asymmetrical someone is, the less likely the person is to be in prime health; not limited to humans, even more symmetrical scorpion flies are perceived as more attractive o Average = not in their attractiveness; facial features that are close to the average in size and in configuration are perceived as most attractive; exceptions (men prefer some youthful features, women prefer some masculine features); 2 mechanisms = (1) people with average-size feature are less likely to have genetic abnormalities than people with deviant features, reflecting genetic health, (2) can process quickly something that resembles a prototype, quick processing is associated with good feelings and feelings of attractive; average faces as prototypes of faces Study, faces of Australians and Japanese were averaged together, both within and across cultures; participants in both cultures viewed average faces to be most attractive, regardless of faces’ culture of origin; biracial averaged face was most attractive face of all, particularly as judged by members of the opposite sex, represent the best average of all the faces the
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