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BUSI 3003/MGMT 3102: Dynamics of Change Welcome to BUSI 3003/MGMT 3102: Dynamics of Change ! Changes are an integral part of our personal and professional lives. The external world is constantly changing, and we need to reinvent ourselves to stay connected with the world around us. Think of a time when you were affected by a corporate change that you did not favor. Did you express your discontent with the change? Was your displeasure suitably addressed by the management? Any change typically has both supporters and others who oppose the change. It is important that leaders anticipate and respond to employees’ concerns regarding a change and, at the same time, convey the need and benefit of the change. This course covers the concept of deep change and how you can handle deep change. You will discuss the concept of personal change and how changing your perspectives can help you improve your life. You will also learn about the types
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Unformatted text preview: and cycles of change in an organization, the diagnosis of organizational change, the employees’ reactions to change, and the 12 action steps for handling change. In addition, you will learn how to evaluate the strategic leadership styles required for transforming an organization and how these styles differentiate leaders from managers. This course also focuses on the forces driving organizational change and the roles and responsibilities of the leaders and managers of organizational change. You will learn about the various elements of the strategic process of an organization and the flaws in this process. You will also analyze the impact of organizational culture on the change process in an organization....
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